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Part of the Furniture (Post-Production, 2021)
Muse of Fire (16mm, short, 2019)
The Rose (16mm, short, 2018)
Getting in Shape (short, 2018)
Deja Vu (short, 2017)
IS 女 ME: Feminism under Labeling (documentary short, 2017)
Cyber Bullying (documentary short, 2017)



Morin Khuur (Post-Production, 2023)

Instant Noodles (Post-Production, 2023)

Afterglow (Post-Production, 2023)

Scorched Earth (short, 2022)

Esquire magazine Genesis photoshoot (Chinese ver., 2022) 

Ariane's Baby (Post-Production, 2023)

Rickshaw (Post-Production, 2023)

Sirens (fashion short, 2022)

Cold Water (Post-Production, 2022)

The Monkey (Post-Production, 2022)

Soul Asylum (short, 2022)

Life Underground (Post-Production, 2022)

Gallivant (Post-Production, 2021)

Dancing with Dharma (short, 2021)

Hedgehog (short, 2019)

Generation Z (documentary short, 2019)

BELLS (16mm, short, 2019)

The Audition (short, 2018)​

A Rock and a Hard Place (short, 2018)

Production Manager

Little Fantasies (short, 2022)

Location Scout

The Cow of Fire (short, 2019)


1st Assistant Director

No One Will Ever Know (short, 2023)

Sin (short, 2022)

Scorched Earth (short, 2022)

Rickshaw (short, 2022)

BROKE! (short, 2022)

Cold Water (short, 2021)

Alice's Adventure (short, 2021)

Escape! (short, 2021)

Metamorphosis (short, 2021)

The Outing (short, 2021)

NIX! (short, 2020)

Misun didn't know that Spring was coming (short, 2020)

Hedgehog (short, 2019)




The Fit and the Fearful (short, 2022)

Jane Doe (short, 2022)

Protected (16mm short, 2022)

Spindrift (short, 2021)

Bardo (short, 2021) 

Gloria (short, 2021)

A Compromise (short, 2021)

Dashing Through the Snow (short, 2021)

Birdy (short, 2021)

The Fantastical Millipede (Post-Production, 2021)

Anarchy Relaxy (short, 2020)

Countries Between Streets (short, 2020)

Whoopsie Daisy (short, 2020)

Mommy Blue (35mm, short, 2019)

Terry (Location, short, 2019)

Sound of Love (16mm, short, 2019)


Last Time (Becky Hall music video, 2021)

Elena (short, 2020)

Helping Hands (short, 2020)

After A Room (short, 2020)

Easy to Love (Oscar Lang music video, 2020)

Washy (short, 2020)

Lucid Dreaming (short, 2020)

Three Corners (short, 2020)

Provost (short, 2020)

The Old Civilian (short, 2020)

Terry (short, 2019)

Revolutionary Baby (short, 2019)

The Cow of Fire (short, 2019)

Steal Suffering (short, 2019)

We All Just Want to be Mad (short, 2019)

Caravan (16mm, short, 2019)

Goodnight, Stargazer (short, 2019)

Present Perfect (short, 2019)​


Production Design

Tsunami (short, 2020)

Art Director

The Bezonians (full length feature, 2021)

Art Assistant

The Cow of Fire (short, 2019)

VR Ad (AD, short, 2019)


Boom Operator

The Apostate (short, 2020)

Siphoned (short, 2020)

Ben and Nora buy a Wig (short, 2019)

A Visitor to the Cherry Orchard (short, 2019)

Final Call (short, 2019)



Muse of Fire (16mm, short, 2019)

Tumble Dry (short, 2018)

Deja Vu (short, 2017)

IS 女 ME: Feminism under Labeling (documentary short, 2017)

Cyber Bullying (documentary short, 2017)​

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