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2022, digital, 15 mins
DIR. Rory Baynham

In the barren hills of rural England during a weekend getaway trip from life, two old friends are forced to confront their insecurities about fatherhood, loneliness and the loss of youth.


directed and written by Rory Baynham

produced by Jaina Liu

co-production of London Film School and RagingMuse Production


Gallivant was shot not long after the national lockdown ended. This was a time for people to get back to their old ways, reconnect with friends and return to the great outdoors. These reencounters always seem strange and awkward like you have forgotten how to communicate with people. 

The story follows two old friends attempting to reconnect with their past, while burying their insecurities about what the future holds for them. The characters' radically different lifestyles mean they are constantly avoiding stepping on eggshells. For example, telling a story about your current life may be interpreted as showing off. Or, what used to be considered a classic grilling is now left as an insensitive remark.


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